December 9, 2021

Turning a Work Visa into a Green Card

When you are considering immigrating into the United States, you must have a plan of action. One of the great challenges of US immigration is that you must ensure you are always in good status, as you can never take the risk of being out of status for even a few days. When you are out of status, you are at risk of being deported, and that could also result in an entry ban for several years. That is why you must know how you will take your work visa and turn it into a green card.

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The process of getting a green card is one that takes a lot of time. If you are immigrating from Canada, you should have immigration lawyers near Edmonton, AB who can help you with this process. When you first get your work visa, such as the H-1B, you should be aware that it has a time limit. These visas are very short term, which means you will have to reapply when the term is coming to an end. Ensure you are having your employer submit the application on time so there are no snags.

Another aspect of the process that you must think about is whether your employer is going to sponsor you for a green card. You should be very upfront with the company about your desire to stay in the US for as long as possible. If they are not interested in getting you a green card, then you should be finding some other employer that will help. You should know that you can change jobs during your time on a work visa. So long as you are following the rules, informing USCIS, and reapplying when necessary, you will be fine. Just ensure you are working for a company that will sponsor your green card application in a few years.